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Our journey into the world of Aesthetic Laser treatments began with a vision – a vision to create a sanctuary where clients could experience transformative beauty in a supportive and professional environment. This vision has evolved into a reality, thanks to our affiliation with a group of companies that share our passion for beauty.

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Unlocking Your Inner Beauty and Confidence

Welcome to Laser Lipo House, your premier destination for Aesthetic Laser treatments that redefine beauty and self-confidence. Nestled within the inspiring campus of Beauty and Laser Academy in Boksburg, we are proud to be a cherished member of a group of companies dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty.


about Us

Empowering Transformation

We firmly believe in the power of self-confidence and self-love. Our state-of-the-art laser treatments are designed to empower individuals by enhancing their natural beauty. Together with our group of companies, we are committed to empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness.

Professional Expertise

Our team consists of experienced and highly skilled Aesthetic Laser therapists who bring their expertise to every treatment. We are dedicated to delivering results that make a difference, and this commitment extends to our group of companies.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Laser Lipo House is equipped with the latest Aesthetic Laser technology, ensuring that our clients experience the best in modern beauty treatments. This dedication to innovation is shared with our group companies, ensuring you get the most advanced and effective treatments.

Our Professional

Laser Treatments

At Laser Lipo House, we specialize in a range of Aesthetic Laser treatments designed to address various beauty concerns. From laser hair removal to body sculpting, skin rejuvenation to cellulite reduction, our treatments are tailored to meet your unique needs, thanks to our group’s diverse beauty expertise.

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