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About Us

Since opening Laser Lipo House in November 2011, our aim is to provide you with a warm, relaxing atmosphere that makes you look forward to your cosmetic treatment, whilst offering you friendly, professional service with state of the art hygienic equipment.

We help women look and feel younger and more beautiful within 4+ hours of treatment!

Our Vision

To always provide a relaxing and professional laser treatment service to our clients and to always enfold health and beauty, at affordable rates.

Our Mission

To establish ourselves as the trusted Laser and Lipo Salon in Gauteng, where clients will feel welcome and respected.  We strive to always be accessible, transparent, and honest!

Laser Lipo House

Where Beauty Meets Technology, and Transformation Begins!

Why we do it

because it makes people feel good

Laser Treatments in the Salon environment have many benefits, not only does it make our clients feel good, it also makes you look good.

We offer Non-surgical

Laser Treatments

At Laser Lipo House, our commitment to empowering individuals through transformative beauty extends to a wide range of specialized services. We take pride in offering state-of-the-art aesthetic laser treatments designed to meet your unique needs and boost your self-confidence.

Here’s a glimpse of what we provide:

You're invited to celebrate our

12 Years of Service

With us!  We have something special for you!

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